3 Great Sweat Proof Headphones Ideal for Running

3 Great Sweat Proof Headphones Ideal for Running ( Non-Slip)   Preparing for a marathon is tough and sweaty work, which is why having a pair of sweat proof headphones can be a blessing. It gets irritating after a while when headphones are sliding off your head and earbuds are falling out because the area is so slippery. It can really detract from a run and the training process as you have to keep stopping so that you can adjust your headphones. The sweat proof ones take all of this away so you can stay active and motivated while running …

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“The” News

I got “the” news that no runner wants to get on January, 21, 2016. On the Marathon4Kids Facebook page, I posted the following: Tears streamed down my face as I called the Cheerleader yesterday with an x-ray in my hand. Arthritis has taken the cartilage from my left hip. Yeah, it went faster because of the running but it was going to go anyway. For the last 18 months, I have been running with bone on bone. There never was a muscle pull or hip flexor issue. I hung up the phone, sat in that parking lot, put my head …

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The Old Lane Tree

February’s cold and slicing east wind Foretold the imminent storm, And while out for an early morning run On the tree-lined road, I stopped, Not from weariness, but because suddenly I just wanted to listen. The eerie wind whistled its warning And sleet pellets slid about In a persistent high-hat rhythm. One resonant voice joined in – The humored creaking and groaning Of the old lane tree. He was reacquainting with the world And slowly dancing, seeming to enjoy The opportunity to stretch his stiff limbs, While recounting far better gales from ages past And catching up on news from …

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The Hummingbird On Art’s Knoll

In this resounding amphitheater, Formed when earth’s icy tumult Conceded in grinding exasperation And two titans left opposing moraine calling cards (As if in claim or sign of truce,) Fortune grants me witness to a diminutive iridescence Delighting southward on God’s breath. How fragile it seems amidst this ruggedness! Yet it moves with speed and purpose While I, stopped and uncertain of the way, Prepare to shoulder my burden, and trudge on……searching – Graham Buck Copyright – all rights reserved

Ode To Marriage

The gentle shift of a heart, stumbling, lost Forever is far away, only a word Past heartaches come at too high of a cost Loneliness waits to cage you like a bird But all past sorrows may be forgotten When two lovely, simple words are spoken Soft words blossomed from a love begotten Words that may now mend what was once broken Gentle “marry me” born of ardent lips The love poured out from a masculine mask So strong, but his weakness held in his grip The sparkle of forever, in which she will bask Who can’t love this eternal …

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